Commissioned Texts

Here are some reflective texts that have emerged from people close to us, who’ve collaborated with us in different capacities. These texts give some insights into the contexts and positions from which their authors are speaking; serve as a testimony of their lived experiences; and make a case for the urgencies around making these experiences public. In future, we hope to commission a series of texts each year, and also continue to contribute and collaborate on texts ourselves.

Isa Hukka: A Crip Artist’s Perspective: Possibilities of the Abled Illusion

SUOMEKSI: Isa Hukka: Erään rampataiteilijan näkökulma: pinkojailluusion mahdollisuuksia

– Acquelline: The woman behind the music: What Zenzile Miriam Makeba taught me

– Orlan Ohtonen together with Kid Kokko, Hannah Ournamo, and Markus Lindén: Kuka siivoaa kakkamyrskyn?

– Orlan Ohtonen & Kid Kokko: Some thoughts on the topic of trans / non-binary / gender diverse people in the arts

– Martina Miño Pérez: Aliens and Utopias: A text written in 2019, in response to 2019 Peer Group Host Martina’s experiences with the Finnish Immigration Service

– Feminist Culture House: Shaking the Structures

This next link will take you to the website of our friends at Third Space, who commissioned this text as part of their sixth anniversary celebrations
– Feminist Culture House: Terms & Conditions—What Do We Need in Order to Work Together?