We are learning about accessibility in terms of physical, spatial, verbal, lingual, and structural access, working towards an arts organisation that is understandable and accessible from a variety of perspectives.

This is stage two of our website. We have been consulting with peers and colleagues about how to make the site more accessible, which will also inform our Accessibility Plan for 2021 and beyond. We welcome your feedback too. 

Currently, our site can be read using a screen reader, and our developer tested the site using an IDI Accessibility Checker.  

We are based in Poimu, a feminist antiracist working space in Pasila. You can find information about how to access Poimu here.

When we hold public events or meetings in other spaces, we publish their accessibility information, and also endeavour to find out the accessibility needs of our audiences in advance. 

Currently our site is only in English, as it is our working language. If you have questions about Finnish-language translations of our content, please contact us.