Mission & Vision

Our mission 
We are an intersectional feminist organisation that works with and for underrepresented artists.

We want to see an art field that is more representative of, and accountable to, its constituents, and that functions in ways that are safer, fairer, and more comfortable for all kinds of bodies, identities and agencies.

We work to 
– establish and promote a working culture that amplifies underrepresented artistic voices 
– abolish unpaid and underpaid labour in the art field 
– insist upon equal, safer, and healthy working environments in the arts  

Rather than emphasising pressured forms of production and promotion, we concentrate on incubating, nesting, and nourishing our artistic collaborators. 

We think about accessibility in terms of physical, spatial, verbal, lingual and structural access, working towards an arts organisation that is understandable from a variety of perspectives.

Our vision
To be the peak body advocating for intersectional and feminist values and working conditions, resulting in an art field working sustainably, and thoroughly occupied and built by different kinds of bodies and identities.

Cornerstones of the Feminist Culture House
accountability, artistic practices, boundaries, celebration, collaboration, curiosity, inclusivity, inquiry, listening, patience, respect, recognition, safer spaces, sharing, solidarity.