In our work, we give space to acknowledgements as a central tenet of feminist working practices. This is a long list, and it’s only going to get longer! It’s roughly organised and not super logical, and we hope we haven’t missed anyone—please be in touch if we have. 

In most cases, we have been able to share and receive consent to publish these brief and hopefully flattering texts from the subjects of the acknowledgements. However if you’re mentioned here and would like to reword or remove your acknowledgement, please let us know. 

We publicly acknowledge that the State of Finland is founded on the lands of the Sámi people, the Finnish people, and many others. We pay our respects to the Sámi people as the indigenous inhabitants of the Sápmi area, and we recognise their rights as an indigenous people. We recognise and respect their sovereignty, their culture, their custodianship, and their continuing contribution to the life of this state. We welcome feedback about the phrasing of this statement. 

On a personal note, we acknowledge and thank our friends, colleagues, partners, lovers, kids, peers at Poimu, and pups Sara and Snoozle for their continued love and support. 

In spring 2020, as a gesture of acknowledgement and thanks, we asked colleagues with whom we’ve worked during the last six months to send us their song recommendations, feminist anthems, and power tunes. This is one way we’re celebrating the summer, and also our contribution to the Poimu Mixtape Project. This is the link to the playlist


We acknowledge the groundbreaking work of Loukko in bringing a space for underrepresented art and culture to Helsinki and for building up communities within it with warmth and care. We thank the team of Loukko for allowing us use their space, and for working with us to create longterm collaborations of support, sharing and celebrating.

We acknowledge Savu Korteniemi‘s tender poetry and drawings, and thank them for allowing us use their words and image on our first sticker commission.

We acknowledge the work and generosity of artist Edith Hammar and thank them for donating their work for the poster sale to gather funds for the demonstration Pride Takeover: Bring back the Brick. We want to thank all our collaborators at Islamia Queeristi and Pink and Black Helsinki for the organising work and touching speeches, and to acknowledge all the activists and artists who joined us making the demonstration happen. We acknowledge Hayley Lee‘s perceptive and beautiful photography in documenting the event.

We acknowledge our inaugural 2019 peer group hosts, Ana Teo Ala-Ruona and Martina Miño Pérez. We thank them for their guidance, vision, and integrity, and for collectively helping us to sculpt a core foundation of FCH.

We acknowledge our 2020 peer group hosts—artists Zahrah Ehsan, Ramina Habibollah, and Pihla Lehtinen—for their commitment to hosting, listening, guiding, and shaping the direction, intensity, and activities of their respective peer groups. We respect and admire them, and are proud to be collaborating with them on this foundational aspect of FCH.

We acknowledge artist Pii Anttonen’s capacity to create insightful and humorous comics, and are grateful they applied these skills to a commission to pictorially represent some aspects of a text written for Third Space—we are excited to share the text in autumn 2020, and you can currently see the image on our homepage!

We acknowledge artist Leah Beeferman’s thoughtful web design, and wish to thank her for helping to shape our online presence, and collectively learn about accessible websites.

We acknowledge artist Leonie Brialey’s vision and sensitivity in capturing the spirit of the Feminist Culture House in logo form, and wish to thank her for helping us shape our visual identity.

We acknowledge the huge emotional labour and activist work of artists Jessie Bullivant, Dasha Che, and Niko Wearden, who collectively initiated a project that aims to bring gender awareness into the structures of University of Arts Helsinki, and invited FCH and Aune Kallinen to join. We thank artist Apila Miettinen for their insightful work in making illustrations for this project, and the Student Union for funding it.

We acknowledge our colleagues at Culture for All, and thank them for supporting us during our 2019 funding applications as well as for the ongoing collaboration. We value the important advocacy and policy work they do, and are grateful for their transparency and willingness to share as we collectively strive for a more representative cultural field.

We acknowledge the guidance and insights of Malin Gustavsson, CEO of Ekvalita, and thank her for her warmth, openness, and support during our 2019 funding applications.

We acknowledge the kindness of Isabel Hölzl and her colleagues at Goethe-Institute, and are grateful for their encouragement and support.

We acknowledge artist Kid Kokko’s contribution to a text they wrote with Orlan on gender minorities in the arts, and thank them for kindly allowing us to republish it on our site. We appreciate and admire their artist and activist practices that help us dream into existence a world where gender as a multitude is commonly acknowledged and celebrated.

We wish to acknowledge, thank, and celebrate founding member Anna-Kaisa Koski, whose wisdom, sensitive mediation skills, and astute understanding of the Finnish context have generously shaped and continue to influence our collective thinking. We recognise that Anna-Kaisa was part of our collective dreaming of the Feminist Culture House, when we started together in 2018 as Support Structures Collective. Amongst other things, she took responsibility for activating our financial tools, and consulted us on specialisation, mediation, and participation, as well as formulating our mission and vision. We love you A-K, and we are very grateful <3

We are grateful to have been welcomed into the orbits of artists and activists Sonya Lindfors and Olga Palo, and producer Lisa Kalkowski, who have collectively organised and invited us to contribute to the Platform for Feminist Leadership and UrbanApa’s Stop Hatred Now 2020. We admire and are inspired by their energy, wisdom, tact, and graciousness when hosting, listening, and educating us and those within Finnish art communities and beyond. We are also proud to have contributed to Helsinki Feminist Secret Society’s Thinking Feminism in Art Practices zine and we acknowledge and are grateful for the testimonies they have gathered.

We acknowledge the generosity and depth of the work done by artist Jemina Lindholm and art educator Aapo / Kaura Raudaskoski in making and sharing their ‘Zine About Feminist Pedagogies: Discussing Intersectionality, Accessibility and Feminist Labour’, published as part of Stop Hatred Now 2020 event, which has guided our work in many ways.

We acknowledge the generosity, warmth, responsiveness, and hospitality of the Museum of Impossible Forms and Globe Art Point. Both organisations have kindly shared their space with us for peer group meetings; share their time and energy through more broadly supporting and discussing our work; and are always willing to take time to think, plan, dream, and collaborate with us. We are glad our networks and communities overlap and are strengthened by each other’s presence.

We acknowledge Paola Nieto Paredes’ guidance, budgeting expertise, and invaluable insights, and wish to thank her for helping us plan our four-year operating budget in 2019.

We acknowledge and thank our bookkeeper Mirva Pulkkinen, for taking us on as clients; for her warmth and receptiveness towards thinking about feminist economies; and for also patiently guiding us through organisational administrative requirements.

We acknowledge artist Lisa Rein’s website skills and willingness to learn with and through our website. We wish to thank her for helping to shape and share our online presence.

We acknowledge Vidha Saumya’s presence, help, insights, and support when collectively writing a difficult letter and advocating for a shift in thinking within Ministerial cultural policies. We thank her for her poetry, warmth, and friendship, which help us go forward, recognise more, and stay rooted.

We acknowledge artist Shubhangi Singh’s work with FCH as an Artist/Reader In Residence. During Shubhangi’s time with us, she researched and educated us about existing feminist libraries, identifed classification systems, and taught us about radical cataloging. We thank Shubhangi for her important contribution to our feminist reference library.

We acknowledge our friends and collaborators at Third Space, who prompted us to think about and articulate our approach to collaboration for their forthcoming autumn 2020 publication. We raise a celebratory glass to them in honour of their six years of providing artists with free space in the centre of Helsinki; for collectively caring for and maintaining a space; for their astute and wondrous programming which always energises and inspires us; and for creating an environment that has supported and housed so many important communities bubbling within Helsinki and beyond.