In our work, we give space to acknowledgements as a central tenet of feminist working practices. This is a long list, and it’s only going to get longer!

If you’re mentioned here and would like to remove your acknowledgement, please let us know. 

We publicly acknowledge that the State of Finland is founded on the lands of the Sámi people, the Finnish people, and many others. We pay our respects to the Sámi people as the indigenous inhabitants of the Sápmi area, and we recognise their rights as an indigenous people. We recognise and respect their sovereignty, their culture, their custodianship, and their continuing contribution to the life of this state. We welcome feedback about the phrasing of this statement. 

On a personal note, we acknowledge and thank our friends, colleagues, partners, lovers, kids, peers at Poimu, and pups Sara and Snoozle for their continued love and support. 

We send thanks and gratitude to our founding members: Anna-Kaisa Koski, Neicia Marsh, and Selina Väliheikki.

In spring 2020, as a gesture of acknowledgement and thanks, we asked colleagues with whom we’ve worked during the last six months to send us their song recommendations, feminist anthems, and power tunes. This is one way we’re celebrating the summer, and also our contribution to the Poimu Mixtape Project. This is the link to the playlist

Thank you to all the artists, arts workers, and collectives we’ve commissioned:

Ana-Teo Ala Ruona
Ikko Alaska
Pii Anttonen
Camille Auer
Maija Baijukya
Archie Barry
Leah Beeferman
Julianna Brandt
Leonie Brialey
Jessie Bullivant
Gladys Camilo
Lu Chen
Dasha Che
Zahrah Ehsan
Ignata Elena
Ama Essel
Aava Eronen
Feminist Translocaliities
Ramina Habibollah
Edith Hammar
Saara Hasan
Syys Hurre
Islamia Queeristi
Paola Jalili
Saara Karhunen
Nova Kaspia
Minjee Kim
Kid Kokko
Jonni Korhonen
Savu E. Korteniemi
Johanna Koskinen
Hayley Lee
Pihla Lehtinen
Chih Tung Lin
Jade Lönqvist
Lintu Lunar
Elliot Lundegård
Ajak Majok
Spence Messih
Even Minn
Martina Miño Pérez
Alexandra Mitiku
Paola Nieto Paredes
Viljami Nissi
Apila Pepita
Jara Pohjonen
Elham Rahmati
Lisa Rein
Frank Rizzo
Simi Ruotsalainen
Roxana Sadvokassova
Shubhangi Singh
Shady Stardust
Sippin’ T (BBZ)
Bolanle Tajudeen (Black Blossoms)
Marloes van Son
Vishnu Vardhani
Taneli Viljanen
Acquelline Wanjiru

Thank you to those we’ve collaborated with:

Art School Maa, Culture for All, EDIT Media,  Ekvalita, Helsinki Feminist Secret Society, Globe Art Point, Goethe Institute, Terike Haapoja, Mandy Harris and Feminist Center for Creative Work, Benjamin Forster, Yasmin Ibrahim, Loukko, Lukas Malte Hoffmann & Susan Kooi, Al McEwen, the Ministry of Education and Culture, Museum of Impossible Forms, Ki Nurmenniemi & Ceci Moss, Pink & Black Helsinki, Poimu, Ruskeat Tytöt, Vidha Saumya, Status Queer, Stoa Cultural Centre, Stop Hatred Now, Taloushallinta, TEAK, Third Space, Tuomo Toivonen, Urban Apa, Niko Wearden.

Thank you to those who’ve commissioned us for consultations:

Frame Finland, Helsinki Theatre Academy, IHME, Kiasma, Kone Foundation, Museum Days, Saari manor, Turku Kunsthalle.