Peer group for racially underrepresented artists and arts workers

2021 Peer group for racially underrepresented artists

  • 1st session:  6th April 2021 
  • 2nd session:  4th May 2021 
  • 3rd session: 8th June 2021 
  • 4th session: 3rd August 2021 

This peer group is for racially underrepresented artists and arts workers in the contemporary art field. The peer group is organised by Neicia Marsh from Feminist Culture House, together with visual artist and DJ, Gladys Camilo. The group is organised for racially underrepresented people as a form of community care, for discussing the intersections of our lived experiences and artistic practices, in a relaxed and caring environment. 

During the first meeting the group came together and discussed  the new agenda for the Spring/Summer 2021 sessions and collectively decided on our activities/topics of discussion for the following sittings. In the second session, the group read together and discussed the text The transformation of silence into language and action by Audre Lorde.

In the third session, under the theme of community care and resources, the group will create a zine where we dream and imagine futures for community care. They will create a collection of resources and knowledge with each other and for each other. During the session FCH will provide materials such as paper, pens, paints, glue, and markers and you are also welcome to bring your own craft materials to the session. A maximum of 10 people can attend each session (based on the current recommendations by the current Helsinki Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group but subject to the new government recommendations which will be announced on the 31 May), and attendees take part in ways that feel good to them. You don’t need to have any specific educational background as an artist, nor any specific level of professionality in order to join. You can sign-up to the peer group meeting by emailing 

Gladys Camilo is a Chicana/ Mexican-American contemporary painter and textile artist working in Helsinki. Growing up in both—U.S.A. and Mexico—has shaped the ways in which she understands herself and how she interacts with her environment. Oscillating between different planes of existence has influenced her interest in the ecologies of Identity and trauma, which play a large role in her artistic practice.

Accessibility info of Loukko:

The front door of Loukko has a ramp that’s 1300mm wide and with the door open, 1070mm wide. The steepness of the ramp is about 8 degrees, or 7%. There’s a railing that’s 900mm high, beginning midway up the ramp. There are two doors, both 1000mm wide. Between the ramp and the small lobby there’s a 50mm high threshold. Between the small lobby and the main space there is a 30mm high threshold.

There are three gender neutral toilets in Loukko, one of which is planned to accommodate people moving with assistants and aids. It’s door is 1000mm wide. The stall has 800mm free space on its right side, no free space on the left. When closing the toilet door, the space between the seat and the closed door measures 660mm. Unfortunately there are no railings in the toilets yet. Loukko is developing the accessibility measures of the space, and we will update the info of our events held there when things proceed.

If you have any questions, concerns or requests regarding the accessibility of the event, please email or contact Loukko , 044 7160 222, weekdays 12-4pm.

This link will take you to accessibility info and Loukko’s safer space guidelines in Finnish on their website.

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