Hire Us

Feminist Culture House are experienced and caring facilitators who have developed educational tools, presentations, and custom workshops for organisations like Aalto University, FemF, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Globe Art Point, Turku Arts Academy, the University of the Arts Helsinki, and UrbanApa’s Stop Hatred Now. 

We’re developing a consultation and education program for art and cultural institutions wishing to learn more about how their organisations could engage with different audiences; understand and implement inclusion throughout their organisational structures; and function more safely when working with underrepresented artists and arts workers.

We never work alone, and discuss all proposals to collaborate collectively. This means that if you’d like us to facilitate a workshop (for example), then two FCH representatives will take responsibility for hosting. 

While we currently have working grants, we endeavour to channel income from workshops and talks into supporting commissions for artists and arts workers in our networks. 

To begin discussions, you could prepare and share responses to the following prompts, then please send us an email!

  • What is your aim? 
  • What is the job/task?
  • What aspects of our work are meaningful to you, and why should we work together?
  • Who else is part of this?
  • What is the schedule?
  • What is the fee? Have you thought about preparation work and is it included in the fee? 

Non-profit organisations; activist collectives; precarious artists and arts workers; and others in that universe: we are open to discussing non-monetary currencies and exchanges with you.