Jade Lönnqvist

In the courtyard of Stoa, hanging as a stage backdrop, you can find an artwork by Jade Lönnqvist (Untitled, 2020). This artwork was first commissioned by FFCH for an online celebration of Black History Month in 2020. We asked Jade to create an inclusive representation of Blackness—something their younger self would have wished to see in a public place. 

a Black person standing with their back to us. They are wearing a purple hoodie and blue pants, and a backpack. They are gazing at a large painting / artwork that features a person hugging their bare scalp with one arm, framed by green foliage
Jade Lönnqvist, Untitled, 2020, image courtesy of the artist.
Stage backdrop artwork
Jade Lönnqvist, Untitled, 2020-21. Installation view. Image by Ikko Alaska.


A black and white photograph of a person with a buzzcut in a stairwell. They are wearing a paisley shirt and their head is tilted to the right, but they look at the camera.
Portrait of Jade. Image courtesy of the artist.

Jade says: “I am a Helsinki-based illustrator who enjoys science fiction and gardening. Black representation, especially in Finland, is a subject very close to my heart. I was honoured to create this work for Feminist Culture House from a personal perspective.”