Edith Hammar

The flagpoles in Stoa’s courtyard exhibit a rotating group of artworks which represent the artists’ understandings of intersectional feminism.

You can see this artwork by Edith Hammar from 30 April—18 May.

Edith Hammar
Dreams and candles, 2021
Digital Image.

Edith says: “I am almost always fantasising about cute get-togethers, entering different dimensions, queer alternative realities. Creating and drawing these kinds of images is a way for me to realise queer desires and dreams.”

Portrait of Edith Hammar. Image courtesy of the artist.

Edith Hammar is really good at drawing but also at ice skating. Hammar graduated from the royal academy of Art in Stockholm 2017, and has since been back in Finland for a couple of years. Today Edith is working from a farm in Pohjanmaa.