We are a non-profit registered association: Y-Tunnus 3084191-9 

We believe in transparency and sharing details about how we are financed, so here is our projects budget for 2020-21, which was part of our application to Kone Foundation for organisational funding for 2020-23 (we have been granted 2 years organisational funding). You can also check out a simpler budget, for 6 months Kone Foundation Kickstart funding in 2019. 

FCH-Budget 2020-21

Kickstart Budget 2019

In addition to this, we receive working grants—click this link to learn more about this form of arts funding in Finland. Neicia, Orlan, and Selina receive a 100% working grant of €2,800 per month, and Katie receives a 75% working grant of €2100 per month (because she is taking some time away from FCH to work on a collaborative curatorial project with artist Bogna Wisniewska in 2020-21).

Currently, our working time is concentrated on researching and implementing intersectional feminist ways for operating an organisation, such as: creating fair and friendly contracts and agreements; learning about accessibility and developing our Accessibility Plan for 2021 and beyond; programming for autumn 2020; curatorial research; facilitating three peer groups; planning and facilitating workshops for institutions—and precarious artists and arts workers; building collaborations and networks; responding to invitations to collaborate; artist commissions; writing and publishing; developing our membership program; fundraising and philanthropy; inviting and consulting with our Steering Group; administration and finance; and discussing, supporting, and learning from our peers.

We also pay approx €400 per person, per quarter to MELA, for compulsory insurance and pension. NB if you are applying for a smaller working grant, you could consider estimating your working time as 100% for 3 months (instead of, for example, 50% for 6 months), as this is the maximum threshold for looking after your insurance and pension payments independently.

We are aiming to become financially stable, so as to sustain our practice beyond our two years of funding. We hope to do this through our membership program, paid consulting, education/workshops, fundraising, philanthropy, collaboration fees, and commissions. We are working on making our income balance sheet public too—thanks to White Pube and Frontyard, amongst others, for the inspiration.

If someone approaches us to develop or contribute content for a ‘token’ fee, then we aim to channel these funds into creating an artist commission to accompany our contribution—we provide the artist with a project brief, timeline, budget, and detailed agreement that we discuss, amend, and finalise once everyone is satisfied.

Here is some more info on working grants in Finland.