Non-Monetary Exchanges

We commit to always paying the collaborators we’ve planned (and budgeted) to work with in our program. But we also recognise that non-monetary exchanges and other forms of currency can be useful when both parties have limited resources, or when we are responding to unforeseen or urgent needs. For exchanges in which money is not available as a currency, we undertake a listening process with potential collaborators, to identify our respective needs, hopes, and expectations, and to see if an arrangement that seems fair to both parties can be reached.

This can also be a time-consuming process, as it involves organisational initiation and exit processes, which we take seriously. While we recognise we have limited capacity to facilitate these kinds of requests (and might not be able to respond to you immediately), we are also receptive to listening to the needs of our communities, and finding ways to include them in our working processes. We encourage you to complete the GET INVOLVED webform to alert us of your needs, and how you might like to approach an exchange (here is the plain text version you can email us).