First Person

During our first year of operation, some reflective texts emerged from people close to us, who were collaborating with us in different capacities, and who were seeking a space in which to publish their words. These texts give some insights into the contexts and positions from which their authors are speaking; serve as a testimony of their lived experiences; and make a case for the urgencies around making these experiences public. In future, we hope to commission a series of texts each year, and also continue to contribute and collaborate on texts ourselves.
NB: FCH members are not paid a commissioned writer’s fee.

Orlan Ohtonen together with Emilia Kokko, Hannah Ournamo and Markus Lindén: Kuka siivoaa kakkamyrskyn?

– Orlan Ohtonen & Emilia Kokko: Some thoughts on the topic of trans / non-binary / gender diverse people in the arts

– Martina Miño Pérez: Aliens and Utopias: A text written in 2019, in response to 2019 Peer Group Host Martina’s experiences with the Finnish Immigration Service